mallow faq

what is a mallow?
mallows are ethereum ERC-721 NFTs each produced with unique generative art and attributes defining its own humble, cute, nerdy, little coder self.

mallows like to code, and as such, each one has a favorite language. some are so singularly focused on tech that they've become a one-eyed cyclops!

a mallows background shows how leet they are, the more uniform their grid and the more uniform the color, the 1337er the mallow.

they're each hanging out in the mallow-verse and bringing their own algorithms (byoa) too. some mallows are uniquely situated for certain tasks in the mallow-verse than others. need to find something in a room, hope your mallow knows a sorting algorithm :)

at their root, our little mallows are here to have fun, be cute and nerdy, and be at the forefront of byoa
what is byoa?
bring your own algorithm.

mallows evolved to understand that the beauty of web3 and decentralization was that they were finally in control of their data and their ability to use and manipulate that data. with that realization, the mallow-verse underwent quite a renaissance

as such, each mallow possess a special algorithm stored on the decentralized web via ipfs. when you interact with a mallow compatible web3 site, the mallow can bring its algorithm to the site to be used. thus making dapps sources of data, but mallows truths of how to interpret that data. no more closed algorithms, bring your own.

mallows are at the forefront of byoa, and don't have everything figured out yet, but want you to share in this journey of data ownership and algorithmic ownership that all of us in the mallow-verse can and must realize!
what is generative art?
at the beginning of the mallow-verse, during the big mallow bang (or so we've been told), all the mallows spawned unique interests in technology and algorithms and became their unique cute little selves

the nft collection showcases an artistic representation of the mallows in the mallow-verse. each piece of nft art was uniquely generated by an artistic algorithm to depict the mallow and its skills. as such, no two mallows are alike

search wide and far in the mallow-verse to find one that resonates with you
what is the mallow-verse?
it's an ever evolving place since the big mallow bang. it's currently one part crypto twitter, another part discord, and a third part wallet functionalities on

your mallow gets you access to the mallow-verse, which is our private discord community focused around blockchain tech, scaling tech, layer 2's and more
which different types of mallows exist?
we don't want to reveal too much personal info of the mallows, but at a high level, you can find mallows that:
* love a coding language, ie typescript, solidity, rust, python and more
* are super solid or a little broken when it comes to their craft
* can be stable or a little wonky on reliability
* some are cyclops, there we said it. cats out of the bag, but elephant was already in the room
* obvi because they're from the marshmallow genus, some of these guys are warm or ready for s'mores or just over done
what are the perks of being a mallow holder?
see the home page for more details, but the tl/dr is the exclusive community which uses a portion of funds for public good funding, promotes good discussion around blockchain tech and innovation, and also supports byoa as a first class idea to promote in web3 tech and adoption
anything else?
mallows are of the marshmallow genus, don't try to impart gender constructs on them please. cute and nerdy is the name of the game