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Mallows now on L2 - powered by StarkWare!

Mallows and have partnered to bring the byoa technology that was created with Mallows to Layer 2 Ethereum on StarkNet powered by Starkware! Get started here now!


the first NFTs that let you byoa (bring your own algorithm) to web3 apps

the Mallows community in Discord is a hub of technical information and discussion around blockchain topics, such as the development of byoa

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these are the mallows ... little hip, cute, sometimes awkward marshmallows who love to code and each have a unique byoa algorithm inside of them.

hello mallow

Mallows are the first NFTs that let you byoa (bring your own algorithm) to web3 apps.

Why byoa?

It's because we think that the future is first and foremost about personal property rights, freedoms, and interoperability. byoa NFTs support these foundations by allowing your NFT collection to control and enhance your UX in web3 apps.

Mallow byoa NFTs

These marshmallows bring their code with them. Each mallow NFT has unique procedurally generated art, multiple attributes, and contains an algorithm that may be executed in any web3 app.

stop, it's mallow-time

this right here is an exceptional mallow. it's favorite language is rust.  the code it produces is extremely stable, just look at that uniform and perfect grid behind it.  and, oh boy does it follow SOLID principles - those colors, so perfect...

mallows like all sorts of languages, like typescript, rust, go, c, and some even call assembly their favorite. a mallows background is a tell tale sign for how 1337 they are and if they gmi or ngmi.  the more solid and stable the background, the more they gmi. this mallow over here gmi's

when you bring this mallow to web3 (or anywhere because it's your NFT!), it brings with it some code that can interact with the verse around it.  that's BYOA.

Own some Mallows and want to know how rare their stats are?
Check out the Rarity & Trait guide here.

of a humble nerdy mallow?

byoa genesis - Mallows are the first-ever byoa NFT and let you own part of byoa history.
access to the mallows community- access to a private community of techy or nerdy or hungry fellow mallows. We live in discord and on twitter and talk all things blockchain, L2's, dapps, tech in general, and crypto! Come join us!
fund public goods - 10% of proceeds go to public good funding. Mallows has already donated over $40,000 to Gitcoin grant rounds.
support the byoa ecosystem - nothing like a good mallow with some good company. Your mallows help us expand support for byoa in web3.

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Most channels are token gated for Mallows Holders.