mallows roadmap

present day
Private Communities:
- owning 1 or more mallows grants you access into the discord channel mallow-verse#town-square
- owning 20 or more mallows grants you access into the private discord channel mallow-verse#area-51

- 3 winners have won the first ever Mallow/byoa t-shirt swag via twitter giveaway
- 3 winners have won sub 100 mint id Mallows NFTs via twitter giveaway
- 5 winners have received sub 100 mint id Mallows for contributions to the launch

- your mallow can be viewed and interacted with at
upcoming (pre 3,000 minted)
while we mint our way to 100%, more benefits will be unlocked for Mallow community members

Giveaways and Drops upcoming:
- raspberry PI's - in the spirit of the nerdy mallows of the mallow-verse, we'll giveaway a few Raspberry PI's!
- mallow sub 100 mint ID NFTs - more giveaways of early minted Mallows!
- other NFT projects! We're acquiring NFTs of other great NFT projects to give away to Mallow members!
- and more! We'll keep rewarding the community who is with the Mallows early on as we head towards 100% minted!

mallows / byoa on Layer 2:
- we are working through bringing malllows and byoa to Layer 2 to help promote the mallows community amongst the larger tech community
upcoming (post 100% minted)
once all Mallows have been minted, we'll unlock even more giveaways and community features, more details will come out over time

- promote blockchain scaling tech, such as L2 adoption
- promote interoperable ownership of data that the byoa principals of Mallows espouse
- become an insider hub around blockchain tech and information