The mallows have completed their objective of advancing the concepts of byoa - bring your own app/algorithm - in the web3 arena.

Please see this culminating twitter thread that showcases all that we've built together as a community and have pushed the web3 space forward.

Our work has inspired other projects in the ecosystem and the whitepaper is an original work of art to define the values and purposes of property rights of applications and algorithms. We've seen this first hand with Tornado Cash, where it is ever important to truly own what you do.

The tools we have created as Mallows can allow anyone to own their experiences and data. We hope to see this space continue to evolve. At this point, our tools are all open source and there is no active development on Mallows and byoa. We have set aside remaining funds to continue to pin assets to IPFS and host content.

Thank-you for coming on this journey with the Mallows community and enhancing the entire space of web3, blockchain, and crypto with it's technical efforts.